Referencer konferencepræsentationer og -moderation

“The Bicycle – transportation of the past, the present and the future!” Keynote på Modeshift conference, Sheffield, UK
“Cycling policy and promotion in Denmark”, keynote, Radkonferenz “Radverkehr gut planen und gezielt förderen, Landestag Thüringen, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Erfurt
“Cycling in Denmark”, Cycling Without Age International Summit, KBH
“Fra mobilitetsnetværk til business park” oplæg på LOOP CITY netværksmøde
“How to create a city of cyclists – best practise from Denmark”, keynote The Bicycle Era! – Rethinking Berlin, ADFC and the Danish Embassy in Berlin
“Mobilitetsplanlægning, mobility management og kommunikation” oplæg LOOP City netværksmøde

Velo-Citta final conference, moderation, Rotterdam, Holland
“How to create a cycling city, best practice from Denmark”, keynote at Mobility Week kick off seminar in Izmir, Turkey
“How to create a cycling city, best practice from Denmark”, keynote at Cities for Mobility
Congress i Stuttgart, Germany
“Cykelfremme i provinsen”, moderation, Svendborg, Danmark
“Cyklisternes by, Odense”, oplæg cykelkonference, Tromsø, Norge
“Unlocking Urban Mobility Behaviour Change”, Joint Project Conference: MOBI, PTP-CYCLE, STARS”, moderation Brussels, Belgium
“Policy & promotion – how to create a cycling city”, presentation, ManageEnergi workshop, Warsaw, Poland

“Policy & promotion – cycling in Denmark”, Sydney Rides, Sydney
“Planning, policy & people – cycling in Denmark”, CIVITAS Forum, Ljubljana
“Policy, planning & promotion – cycling in Denmark”, Haringey Cycling conference, London
“The Cycling Embassy of Denmark”, Velo-City, Nantes
“I cycle therefore I am”, ECOMM, Utrecht
“Become a cycling CHAMP”, cycling conference, Malaga
“The basic elements of urban cycling”, Looking Beyond Infrastructure – a new Mobility Culture, Trento
“Starting early – children and cycling in Denmark”, Modeshift, London

“Supercykelstier i Aarhus cykelby”, den norske cykelkonference, Oslo
“Civilised cycling – how to get grannies and children cycling”, cycling conference, Manchester
“Bicycle Accounts”, cycling conference Venice
“CHAMP”, CIVITAS Forum, Casablanca
“Gamification & tracking in cycling campaigns”, ECOMM, Firenze
“Gamification & tracking in cycling campaigns”, Velo-City, Adelaide

“How to get children cycling”, STARS, s-Hertogenbosch
“How to get children cycling”, Velo-City, Vienna
“How to get children cycling”, ECOMM, Gävle
“Gamification & tracking in cycling campaigns”, ECOMM Gävle

“Mega Trend Cycling: New Target Groups and Markets – trends in Denmark”, ISPO Invovations Forum, Munchen
“Around the World in 80 Days”, ECOMM, Frankfurt
“Around the World in 80 Days”, Velo City, Vancouver
“Around the World in 80 Days”, Mobility Management Øresund

“Idékatalog for Cykeltrafik 2012”, VejForum, Nyborg
“To be or not to be a city of cyclists”, Post car city – high training national course on sustainable mobility i Rimini (dec) og Riccioni (maj)
“Idékatalog for Cykeltrafik 2012”, Cykelkonference, Fredericia

“Jorden rundt i 80 dage”, dansk cykelkonference
“Cities for cyclists”, Center for design og arkitektur, Oslo
“Nordiske Cykelbyer”, Velo City, København

“Odense Cykelby”, Velo City, Brussels

BYPAD, den nationale cykelkonference, Odense
Mobility network, Meetbike, Dresden