Dear client – I’ve changed jobs. I’m now market manager in Rambøll’s Global Smart Mobility Division. Call or mail me at +45 5161 4968 or mwein@ramboll.dk BIGAros_kommunikation_08031716762

I’ve worked as a mobility consultant for cities and companies the last 17 years.

I’m not an engineer. I have a background in communication and my focus is how we help people make smarter, healthier and more sustainable choices when they move around cities every day.

I work with Mobility Management in general, but I’m an expert on cycling policy and promotion. That means that I help cities develop cycling accounts, strategies and action plans and help promote cycling through information, communication, branding and behavior change campaigns. More information about how I can help you here: Cycling policy & promotion

I’ve worked with all the cycling cities in Denmark: Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Aarhus, Odense, Randers etc. as well as with cities outside Denmark through various EU projects with focus on cycling, e.g. CHAMP and Nordic Cycling Cities.

I also work with cycling promotion as co-founder, member and chairman of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark, an independent organisation that unites Danish cycling cities, private companies and NGOs in a mission to brand and promote Danish cycling know-how internationally.

I’m also an experienced speaker at and moderator of cycling and mobility conferences all over the World.

The Bicycle – transportation of the past, the present and the future! Keynote at Modeshift conference, Sheffield, UK
Cycling policy and promotion in Denmark, keynote, Radkonferenz “Radverkehr gut planen und gezielt förderen, Landestag Thüringen, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Erfurt, Germany
Cycling in Denmark – presentation at Cycling Without Age International Summit, KBH
From mobility network to Business Park Skejby, LOOP CITY meeting, Gate 21
How to create a city of cyclists – best practice from Denmark, keynote The Bicycle Era! – Rethinking Berlin, ADFC and the Danish Embassy in Berlin, Germany
Mobility planning, mobility management and communication, LOOP City, Gate 21

Izmir, Turkey; Stuttgart, DE; Tromsø, NO and Warsaw, PL and moderated the VeloCitta final conference in Rotterdam, the Danish seminar on rural cycling in Svendborg and the STARS/MOBI/PTP final conference in Brussels.

London, UK; Trento, IT; Malaga, ES; Utrecht, NL, Nantes, FR; Ljubljana, SI and Sydney, AU.

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Feedback on presentations:

“Your presentation was fantastic and incredibly inspiring – I am so happy to have been a part of the evening.  In Chicago, we have been looking at the culture of cycling and infrastructure in Denmark as the model for what we are working towards.”
David Smith, Senior Transportation Planner, Chicago Department of Transportation about my presentation in Berlin, Feb 2017.
“It was a great experience to have Marianne Weinreich as a keynote speaker at the 8th International Cities for Mobility Congress. Her presentation and key messages were really inspiring, lively, humorous and totally in line with thematic approach of the congress. The participants were impressed and gave us a very positive feedback on her speech. We have learned in Mariannes contribution a lot about the importance of cycling not only for urban transport and local economy but also for the quality of live and well being of citizens. Her presentation about successful examples of cycling measures in Denmark are very helpful for the design of future projects in our city in the fields of transport and urban planning.”
Patrick Daude, Strategische Planung und Nachhaltige Mobilität Abteilung Mobilität, Stuttgart, organizer of the conference.
“I would like to thank you for having accepted the Autonomous Province of Trento’s invitation to participate as a speaker at the conference “Looking Beyond Infrastructures – a New Mobility Culture”, which made it possible to take a closer look at the different issues related to sustainable mobility. I would like to express my particular thanks for your courtesy and the expertise highlighted in your presentation, which were undoubtedly decisive in the success of the initiative. The positive feedback and expressions of interest that we continue to receive are without doubt the fruit of the recognised authority of the speakers and the quality of the presentations made.”
M. Gilmozzi, Province of Trento, Organizer from Trento, Italy
“Absolutely loved Marianne Weinreich’s presentation, it was very inspiring and entertaining! It’s great to have representatives from other countries at meetings showcasing their cycling infrastructures, it really motivates to get involved in making a change when you see what other countries have attained in terms of sustainable transport”.
Participant at the Modeshift Conference, London, UK
You can contact me by phone: +45 2126 9086 or by e-mail maw@weinreichmobility.dk
I tweet about cycling and urban mobility @mobimaw and you can find me on LinkedIn